ICT priorities & Barriers

WINS-ICT project aims to strengthen cooperation between the EU and Western Balkan countries and to promote and improve the participation of WB ICT research actors in FP7. In order to fulfill that aim, the project team conducted an on-line survey about barriers and main ICT research priorities in Western Balkans during April, May and June 2010.

The survey had the purpose to upgrade and update similar previous results achieved by projects such as SCORE and WBC-INCO.NET.

For the purpose of consolidation of the main barriers and ICT priorities, the preliminary results from the online survey were further evaluated and discussed in six Barrier and Priority Setting workshops, which were held in the Western Balkan countries from April 21st to June 3rd.

An analysis of the most crucial ICT priorities per country has been finally carried out, and two corresponding reports were accordingly developed and can be downloaded hereinafter.

Report on barriers

Report on ICT priorities

Short Paper summarizing the findings

 For more information, contact: info@wins-ict.eu

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