Objectives and Activities

The specific objectives of the WINS-ICT project are to:

1. Provide comprehensive understanding of the current framework of EU-WBC ICT RTD policies and RTD collaboration, realizing a one-stop information point directed both towards researchers and policy makers in the Western Balkans as well as the Member States of European Union.

2. Optimize the policy framework and research collaboration by addressing the relevant stakeholders, using the contacts that the carefully selected project partners can provide.

3. Support the building of sustainable networks between innovative WBC ICT researchers and their EU counterparts with regard to collaboration in the 7th Framework Programme and in ICT Priority in particular.

4. Enhance the capacities and capabilities of WBC researchers to successfully participate and compete in the Framework Programme on equal terms with the Member States, enabling them to take on the challenge to submit their own project ideas as coordinators.

The following key activities will be carried out in order to achieve these objectives:

1. Analysis of the current framework for WBC-EU research collaboration in ICT, including national policies, current participation and cooperation patterns of research organizations from the target region, factors hindering cooperation, as well as available funding opportunities.

2. Consolidation of regional and bi-regional policy dialogue, feed the Steering Platform on Research for the Western Balkan countries and enhancement of the activities performed in WBC-INCO.NET

3. Mutually increase visibility of ICT researchers from the WBC active in the Framework Programme and of EU organizations interested in collaboration with innovative organizations from the region and provide regular targeted information to these communities.

4. Implementation of capacity building measures (training, mentoring, etc.) for different types of WBC organizations and support of relevant stakeholders by providing concise background documentation on issues relating to the state-of-the-art in ICT research in WBC.


Cooperation projects