The WINS-ICT project offers assistance for the development of research project ideas under the FP7 ICT programme.

Check whether you are in a position to benefit from our help and get in touch with us.

  • If you work in ICT research (no matter if in a company, university or research centre)...
  • If you work for an organisation that is legally established in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro or Serbia...
  • If you think you have a good research project idea in the field of Information and Communication Technologies...

Download the project idea form, fill it in and send it to:


You will be connected to one of our EU partners with years of experience in ICT research. This partner from the WINS-ICT team  will become your COACH and will help you (free of charge) to:

  • Assess your project idea feasibility
  • Find partners in the European Union
  • Write your proposal
  • Clear any doubt on administrative or financial matters regarding your proposal submission to the EU
  • Attend relevant networking events where you can possibly meet other EU researchers and advance on your project development

Please KEEP IN MIND that... in order for our partners to help you, they will need to receive clear and detailed information about what you want to do. So don’t be vague or generic in your project idea form!


Coaching is a dynamic activity and it has to be adapted to the specific needs of coached organisations and their projects...

There are however some typical steps which can be summarised as follows:

  • You send us your project idea (with no detail on what you want to do, it won’t be possible to give you any help)
  • Within three days from receiving your project idea, we send you our feedback. If we think your project idea is good enough to potentially become an ICT project we will....
  • Have a first chat by phone or skype. Discussing directly with you will help us set up an action plan for your project
  • Once you and us together have defined what is best for your project development... we will back you up until proposal submission

YOU MIGHT WONDER WHY WE DO IT FOR FREE... Well in reality this might be free of charge for you, but we get paid, through the WINS-ICT project, by the European Commission.  So, in the end you can consider us as a public service that is  in  place for you in return for the  financial contributions mentioned above. Therefore we encourage to JUST USE  THIS SERVICE, if you think it’ll help you implement your project.



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