D 3.5 Review of the Realisation and Implementation of the Dissemination Strategy in WBC

This document illustrates the dissemination activities performed under WP3, oriented essentially to the research communities of the Western Balkans. It describes the overall approach adopted at the start of the project, its shift from
general to more specific activities during its implementation and the main results obtained.
Dissemination activities under WP3 cannot be considered as totally separated from dissemination activities run under WP4 and oriented to the EU research organisations. Though coordinated under different tasks and work-packages dissemination actions geared to those different targets were anyway kept coherent and generally well interconnected.
Dissemination in the WB has proven effective not only in maintaining a regular flow of information about the FP and high visibility of the WINS-ICT project, but also in attracting to WINS-ICT organisations with good potential
that had had in the past poor or very limited exposure to FP opportunities.



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