Forum on Research for Innovation in ICT for the Western Balkan Countries



Belgrade, Serbia


The ICT Forum is a policy platform representing a unique opportunity for a high-level debate on driving the political agenda for ICT research for greater Western Balkan integration into the European Research Area. 

It is a conference to deepen research and technological development co-operation between the EU and the Western Balkan region, accommodating all Western Balkan Countries being currently associated to the EU Seventh Framework Programme on Research and Technological Development as well as candidates or future candidates for EU accession.

ICT as an enabling science and key driver of the knowledge based society having a high impact in the region, needs specific coordination mechanisms as several ministries are usually dealing with this specific topic, both in EU Member States as well as in the Western Balkans in order to deploy its potentials.
Therefore, ministries or analogous key officials for science as well as information society or communication technologies are invited to join this dialogue forum and coordination meeting.

The debate will focus on the WBC common ICT priorities and challenges to cooperation. Obstacles to integration of the region into the European Research Area in the field of ICT shall be furthermore discussed as well as the policies that have been applied in the region, in EU Member States or at international level, to enhance research actors’ international competitiveness shall be discussed and aligned.

The ICT Forum’s final ambition is to lead to a joint declaration by the Delegates for the adoption of regional ICT priorities and common resolutions for tackling problems hindering research co-operation, thus enabling reinforced coordination of national policies and strategies among Western Balkan countries. 

The conference will be organised in Belgrade on 30th November 2010, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and it is logistically supported by the WINS-ICT project.

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