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The FP7 ICT Programme is the largest single programme of its kind in the world and forms part of a European-wide policy to strengthen the competitiveness of Europe’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Not only does the Programme support research directly but it also helps coordinate national activities, thereby contributing to the realization of the European Research Area (ERA).

The FP7 ICT Programme is managed by the European Commission assisted by the ICT Committee (ICTC) which is composed by delegates appointed by

  • the National Governments of the 27 Member States who have voting rights, and
  • the Associated States namely, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Israel, Turkey and Switzerland, without voting rights.  

The ICTC is chaired by DG INFSO and its powers are delegated to it from the Council of Ministers under the comitology regulations, through which the ICT Committee has the powers of a Management Committee.

Armed with these powers the national delegates have a substantial leverage in the course of the Programme Management regular meetings in Brussels, by assuring that their specific ICT national policies are also being taken into account when ICTC takes strategic decisions for ICT/FP7.

The WINS-ICT project has a special line of action focusing on preparing the ICTC WB delegates to best fulfill their role at the ICTC to lay the ground for their constituency to increase its participation in the ICT Programme. To that end WINS-ICT provides financial support to the ICTC delegates, who are in need of, in order for them to regularly participate on the ICTC meetings, along with coaching sessions to enhance their competency in contributing to the meeting discussions.

Moreover WINS-ICT provided delegates with appropriate background and preparatory materials, i.e. concise abstracts concerning the:


For more information on the ICT Committee and role of WB delegates, contact Mr Xenofon Tsilimparis at xtsili@admin.grnet.gr

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