Register to ETPs: a way to get together with leading Industrial players in FP7 ICT field


What are ETPs?
EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS (ETPs) are European networks bringing together researchers, industry and other relevant stakeholders in a particular technological field in order to foster European research and development in the concerned area.
The ETPs more concretely:
-        Provide a framework for stakeholders, led by industry, to define research and development priorities, timeframes and action plans on a number of strategically important issues where achieving Europe's future growth, competitiveness and sustainability objectives is dependent upon major research and technological advances in the medium to long term.
-        Play a key role in ensuring an adequate focus of research funding on areas with a high degree of industrial relevance, by covering the whole economic value chain and by mobilising public authorities at national and regional levels. In fostering effective public-private partnerships, technology platforms have the potential to contribute significantly to the renewed Lisbon strategy and to the development of a European Research Area of knowledge for growth. As such, they are proving to be powerful actors in the development of European research policy, in particular in orienting the Seventh Research Framework Programme to better meet the needs of industry.
-        Address technological challenges that can potentially contribute to a number of key policy objectives which are essential for Europe's future competitiveness, including the timely development and deployment of new technologies, technology development with a view to sustainable development, new technology-based public goods and services, technological breakthroughs necessary to remain at the leading edge in high technology sectors and the restructuring of traditional industrial sectors.
Why to register and become a member of ETPs? 
European Technology Platforms are industry led strong networks. Leading players in specific research fields come together in order to write Strategic Research Agendas reflecting their future visions in the field. This future vision is usually supported by European funding programmes.
Seventh Framework Programme ICT Work Programme includes a lot of input from ETPs. This helps ETP members to participate in the programme easier.
Framework Programmes support collaborative R&D projects which are best in Europe. In order to be involved in best projects, it is crucial to work with best in Europe. There are nine ICT technology platforms. Below you can see six of them which are free of charge. You can examine their websites, Strategic Research Agendas and get in contact. You can follow “how to join” link in order to become a member and enjoy meeting and working with best in Europe.
Download here the list of ETPs in ICT free of any charge
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