WINS-ICT meets with WB national ICTC delegats



The WINS-ICT project among the various policy support actions it implemented, organized a meeting with the national ICTC delegates of the Western Balkan Countries, that took place in Brussels on December the 3rd 2010 to discuss the role of the national delegate in the ICT Programme Committee (ICTC, a European Commission managed Committee that oversees the strategic implementation of the FP7/ICT programme together with delegates from Member and Observer States as well Accession countries). 

Mr Visho Ajazi Lika, Deputy Minister for  Innovation,  Information and Communication Technology, Albania,  Mrs Ebonita Ćurković from the Croatian Institute of Technology,  Prof. Danco Davcev from the University of Skopje, FYR of Macedonia, Mr. Xenofon Tsilimparis from the Greek Research and Technology Network, Mr Saša Ivanović from the Ministry for Education and Science of the Republic of Montenegro and Mrs Svetlana M. Bogdanovic from the Ministry of Science and Technological Development Republic of Serbia, detailed the role of the ICTC delegate, considering past experience, the various interfaces the delegate has, i.e. with the Commission, national public administration, their constituency etc.

The meeting lasted for 3 hours and the main conclusion apart from the fact that it was a meeting worth having, was that indeed the ICTC delegate can influence the FP7/ICT Programme implementation to allow for improved participation of their countries ICTC communities. 

It is a conclusion that may not raise eye brows although it is an important one as all Western Balkan Delegates had the opportunity for a first time to get together and develop a common understanding of their role and responsibilities in the framework of the ICTC. 


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