Forum on Research for Innovation in ICT for the Western Balkan Countries


At Invitation of the Ministry for Telecommunications and Information Society and Ministry of Science and Technology Development of the Republic of Serbia and DG INFSO, key relevant ministerial representatives from the Western Balkan countries met in Belgrade on 30 November 2010, in order to discuss on common expectations in ICT research and innovation as well as challenges and actions to address them.

The discussion had the format of a FORUM which is the 3rd of a series of dialogue forums supported by WINS-ICT., but this latter event is definitely the first one that reached the right level of poltical representation.

The FORUM  in fact led to the adoption of a Joint Declaration and a provisional Road Map. All coutries present, expressed the hope the Forum to become permanent and that it should be linked with the Steering Platform on Research for the Western Balkan.

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