New Ministry for Science established in Montenegro on 29/12/2010



  • EU membership is top priority; battle against corruption, rule of law are in focus
  • New Ministry of Science established to promote Montenegro’s research and development capabilities
  • Prime Minister Luksic pledges fiscal discipline, overhaul of business regulations, development in energy, tourism and transportation sectors
  • Extensive changes in government structure: Seven ministers will be replaced, number of ministries reduced.

Mr. Luksic, 34, has been inaugurated on 29th December 2010. as Montenegro’s third prime minister since the country regained independence in 2006. 
The new government’s top priorities will be integration with the EU and NATO. Cooperation with the USA, Russia and China will also be crucial. The government will focus on economic diplomacy aimed at strengthening Montenegro’s competitiveness, boosting export growth and reducing the trade deficit.  “The Montenegrin economy has the potential for generating long-term economic growth in the decade to come at the average of 5% annually,” Mr. Luksic said.

Economic Policy: The Luksic administration will place special emphasis on growth in the energy, tourism and transportation sectors, with particular attention to development in the northern part of Montenegro. “We will continue with energy efficiency promotion, becoming more dependable on the renewable energy resources,” he said.

Cabinet reshuffle: The Luksic cabinet have 17 ministers instead of 19 – a first step toward a cheaper and smaller state bureaucracy. The position of science minister is added in order to improve Montenegro’s research and development capabilities.

New science minister is Ms Sanja VLAHOVIC, PhD

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