ICT partner search facilities

The offer for partner search facilities and services is wide.

We strongly recommend you to register to our ICT Contact Database. It bases upon and further develops previous similar databases having the main focus on the ICT community of the Western Balkan countries, but not only!

By registering, you will catch our attention on your organisation and capacities and you might be included in the project and networking activities!

Nevertheless there are other partner search facilities you could benefit from while looking for new collaboration opportunities. Below the main examples:


CORDIS has a number of services and information sources which may be useful in partner search for participation in ICT projects, as well as a list of organisations which have already expressed an interest in participating in the calls (call for Expression of Interest).

National Contact Points

There is a network of National Contact Points (NCPs), which can be helpful to organisations from their country both for general advice (particularly on preparing proposals) and for finding partners from other countries. Organisations should contact the NCP of their own country for further information.

Ideal-ist project

This project helps potential proposers and newcomers to find the right partners across international boundaries. The project provides an entirely web-based platform and thus making it the ideal tool for 1) joining ICT projects; 2) finding partners for project idea; and 3) finding support services.

West Balkan Research database

The West Balkan Research database has been established and funded by the European Commission within the "ERA WESTBALKAN+" project under FP6, and provides a database of universities, institutions and companies active in R&D in West Balkan Countries (WBCs), i.e. Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. European R&D players can benefit from a broad pool of R&D profiles from WBCs for potential strategic partnerships and international R&D cooperation.Currently 125 profiles are accessible as for the ICT research sector.

EEN ICT Technology market

If you need a certain ICT technology or innovation to complete your business or a business application for your technology, the Network can help. It provides the Europe’s largest database of cutting-edge technologies, containing more than 13,000 profiles with thousands of ICT-related technology offers and requests. You can display them by date and by sub-sector or do a detailed search. The database is updated with new profiles on a weekly basis.



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