Support for NCPs

The role of FP7 National Contact Points is vital in the support of the local scientific community as they can really foster the participation of research organisations in FP7 initiatives by providing prompt information services about FP7 administrative procedures and rules, tools for preparing successful proposals, ongoing or expected calls for proposals, etc.

The FP7 thematic info-days which are periodically organised by the NCPs are an effective channel to inform, promote and train on FP7 participation.

In order to help NCPs in their mission, the WINS-ICT project provided some financial and operative support for the organization of NCPs’ FP7 promotional events. WINS-ICT covered for instance organisation or travel expenses for external experts transferring know –how in specific ICT priorities.

As a result of this activity, in three out of six Western Balkan countries FP promotion events were financially supported by the project as following:

  • “Info day – ICT FP7 Programme - Call 6”, Zagreb on 28th January 2010
  • “8th SEEITA – 7th SEE ICT Forum Meeting  - WINS-ICT session”, Ohrid 14th and 15th of October 2010
  • " FP7 Info day ", Tirana on 23rd of November 2010.

Although no financial support was requested,  the WINS-ICT partners have also contributed to the preparation and realisation of events organised by NCPs in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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